A Tooth Replacement With Lasting Value

Have you lost a tooth? If so, then you should get a tooth replacement as soon as you are able. With a dental crown and a dental implant, your smile can be whole once again.

To get this dynamic duo, you should make an appointment with our dynamic duo: Lloyd F. Moss Jr., D.D.S.,  & Lloyd F. Moss III, D.D.S. The Moss dentist office serves patients in Fredericksburg, VA, and the surrounding area.

Replacing your lost tooth has physical benefits for your oral health and psychological benefits for you. Our team wants you to feel good about your smile, and we want you to keep that smile for as long as you can.


Support Your Smile

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your teeth. That’s understandable.

Most people brush their teeth and floss occasionally, but many people just take for granted what their teeth do for them.

That is until they lose a tooth or teeth.

A single missing tooth can start a series of event that leads to more changes in your bite (and not for the better).

Both of our dentists, Dr. Lloyd Moss Jr. and Dr. Lloyd Moss III, understand what can happen when you lose a tooth. Your teeth are individual parts, but they also work together as part of mutual support system.

When you remove just one piece of that system, it affects the other parts as well. Over time, your teeth will start to drift into the empty space. This can make it more difficult to bite and chew your food.

At the Moss dental office, we can use a dental implant to replace the root of your missing tooth. A dental crown can restore the appearance of your smile.

Together, the implant and crown replace the missing tooth and provide the support that keeps the rest of your smile in place.


Keep Your Jaw Healthy

For understandable reasons, most people focus their oral health efforts on things they can see. Brushing your teeth remove bacteria and plaque that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Keeping your teeth intact is good for your jaw health as well. When you eat, you push your roots into your jaw. That pressure acts as a signal that prompts your jawbone to create new tissue.

Your jaw naturally reabsorbs old tissue. As long as is creates new tissue to replace it, your jaw will stay healthy. This is good for your teeth as well since the roots of your teeth are anchored in your jaw.

When you lose a tooth, the Moss dental staff knows that a countdown has started. Without the tooth, there is no root to put pressure on that part of your jaw. As a result, your jaw will start to shrink in that part of your mouth. This can lead to additional tooth loss, especially as your teeth drift into this space where your jaw is weaker.

With a dental implant from our dentist office in Fredericksburg, you will be replacing the root of your lost tooth. Then the dental crown is added, you will be able to eat as well as you always could, and you by doing so, you will helping to maintain your jaw health, too.


Feel Good About Your Smile

Our team at the Moss dentist office knows that losing a tooth has an emotional effect on patients as well. We have seen it multiple times.

A patient comes to our office, feeling embarrassed or ashamed about losing a tooth. That patient usually isn’t thinking about drifting teeth or their jawbone.

They may be thinking about how a lost tooth makes it harder to eat, but many times they are thinking about their smiles. We aren’t judging anyone about why their tooth is missing. We just want to help you restore your smile.

This also explains why we recommend a dental implant and dental crown. This is the most secure and most stable way to replace a missing tooth. In other words, this is a tooth replacement that can last the rest of your life with proper care and maintenance.


A Tooth Replacement You Can Trust

With a dental crown, you have a tooth replacement that looks, feels, and functions as well as a real tooth. With a dental implant, you can feel confident that your tooth replacement will remain secure.

And by getting your implant and crown from Lloyd F. Moss Jr., D.D.S.,  & Lloyd F. Moss III, D.D.S., you can rest assured that you will receive professional and compassionate service during every step in the process.

To make an appointment at our dentist office in Fredericksburg, VA, simply fill out our online form or call (540) 369-4926.