Celebrate Healthy Gums On National Flossing Day!

We hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. We were thankful for the time we got to spend with our families (and for the delicious food) on Thanksgiving. We also are grateful that we can help our patients treat and prevent gum disease on National Flossing Day.

In case you didn’t know, National Flossing Day is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a good time to remind ourselves of what we should be doing to prevent periodontal disease, and yes, that includes cleaning between our teeth.

National Flossing Day is particularly important this year in light of some news reports this past summer. Routine dental cleanings at our dentist office in Fredericksburg, VA, should be part of your regular oral care as well.

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Fighting Gum Disease At The Dentist’s Office

Our dentists are a father and son duo, so you know they appreciate family. They also want your family to have healthy mouths for as long as possible.

Routine cleanings and examinations at our dentist office can help you do that. We are located in Fredericksburg, but we have patients from Stafford, King George, and everywhere in between.

At our office, you will be treated with compassionate and with professional care. We want you and your family to feel comfortable throughout your stay. If there’s anything we can do to help you relax, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

During your cleaning, our dental professional will remove any plaque or tartar that may have built up in your mouth. This in and of itself is an important step in preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

We also may take X-rays, which can reveal cavities in places that are harder to see with the naked eye. We will keep a close eye on your mouth, nevertheless. If we see any symptoms of gum disease, we will let you know.

We also can advise you on what you should do to treat it as quickly as possible.


Fighting Gum Disease At Home

Our hope is that all our patients will visit us a few times throughout the year for professional cleanings. We also know that what happens between those visits has a bigger impact on your overall oral health.

That’s why we also what our patients to brush and flossing their teeth every day. When done correctly and routinely, these simple steps can go a long way toward protecting your mouth from cavities and periodontal problems.

Bacteria, which lives inside your mouth, causes tooth decay and gum disease. It multiplies every day, which is why you need to brush and floss to remove as many of the bacteria as you can daily.

Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. Use a fluoride toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub your teeth on all sides. Rinse off your toothbrush when you are finished.

Brushing goes a long way, but there are spaces that it can’t reach. That’s why it’s important to clean between your teeth and under your gumline as well.

At a minimum, you will be removing small bits of food that bacteria feed on. Flossing can also help remove plaque, which also reduces your risk of gum disease.


Flossing* To Fight Against Gum Disease

Why the asterisk? Well, we are using flossing as shorthand for cleaning between your teeth.

One way to do this is with dental floss. You can use whatever kind you prefer. It can be waxed or unwaxed. It can be regular size, fine, or thick. It can be flavored or unflavored.

We also know that lots and lots of people do not like flossing. That’s why we want you to know about some other tools you can use, too. You can probably find them in your toothpaste aisle.

Flossers — These are short handle with an open U-shaped opening on one end. A small piece of floss is strung between the opening. Many people find this an easier way to floss.

Water flossers — These are more expensive, but can last for several years. These tools use a focused stream of water to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth.

Interdental brushes — These are often used by patients with orthodontics, but you may find them useful even if you don’t have braces.


Keep Your Gums Disease-Free

Remember to brush, floss, and visit our dentists in Fredericksburg, VA, for regular cleanings.

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