We Are Here For Comprehensive Dental Care

You know that your dental care needs change with time.

Young children have different needs that teens. Teens have different oral care needs than adults, and adults’ needs change as they get older.

But that doesn’t mean you have to run all over Fredericksburg, VA, for dentists to help you and your family. Instead, all of you can visit Lloyd F. Moss Jr., D.D.S., & Lloyd F. Moss III, D.D.S.

We offer comprehensive dental care in one convenient location. To explain what we mean, we will be discussing some of our many services in today’s post.

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General And Family Dentistry

Good dental care starts with the basics. You should make regular visits to your family dentist for dental cleanings and exams. (As a reminder, this should be in addition to your daily brushing and flossing).

During your routine visits, our dental professionals will be doing some important things that will help you maintain your oral health. We may take X-rays to monitor any changes in your teeth. This could include changes in the alignment of your smile or the development of cavities.

We also will make a visual inspection for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. To help prevent those problems, you will receive a professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

If you do have tooth decay or gum disease, we will let you know, and then we can discuss your options on how to deal with it. This way you can make the right decision for yourself to protect your long-term oral health.

If you haven’t scheduled your next dental appointment, today would be a good day to call (540) 369-4926 to plan your visit.


Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental care is more likely to be necessary as you get older. Even so, anyone at any age may have a need for restorative dentistry at one time or another.

Accidents, injuries, and poor oral health can lead to damaged and lost teeth. We would much rather work with you to prevent those things from happening whenever possible. This is why we encourage you to maintain good oral health habits, including wearing an athletic mouthguard during any high-impact sport.

Even so, if something should happen, we are ready and willing to help. We do offer emergency dental care for situations that require help as soon as possible.

Once the immediate needs are addressed, we can move on to our long-term restorative care. A lost or missing tooth can do more than change your smile. It can affect what you can eat and how well you can bite and chew your food.

Dental crowns can be used to repair damaged and decayed teeth. They also can be attached to dental implants to replace missing teeth. If you are missing multiple teeth, a dental bridge (along with a few implants) may be in order.

And if you are one of the more than 30 million Americans who are missing at least one row of teeth, then you should learn about our All-on-Four® and All-on-Six® implant-supported dentures. This procedure can give you back the appearance of a full set of teeth, and maybe more importantly, it can make your dentures function nearly as well as real teeth, too.


Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have a perfect smile, then you can probably skip this section. In reality, even if you have a perfect smile today, that’s no guarantee that you will still have a perfect smile tomorrow.

Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and wine are just some of the many things that can cause your teeth to become stained. If this happens, then you can ask about professional teeth whitening or dental veneers as a way to bring back your white smile.

Cosmetic dentistry also includes orthodontic care, such as Invisalign® or Six Month Smiles®.

We also can help with composite bonding or dental bonding if you need to repair minor damage to your teeth. If you have teeth that are misshapen, then you should ask about our teeth recontouring.


We Can Help Today And Tomorrow

When you look for a family or general dentist, you should look for an office that can help with your needs today and your potential needs in the future. If you live in or near Fredericksburg, VA, you can get that at the dentist office of Drs. Lloyd F. Moss Jr. and Lloyd F. Moss III.

Again, you can contact us online or call (540) 369-4926 to request an appointment.