Convenient Dental Care For Your Family

“Back in my day …”

Have you ever heard someone start a story that way about how society was different when they were younger?

Generally, they want the listener to know how things were harder when they were growing up before televisions, before remote controls, before cable television, etc.

We are constantly looking for new ways to make our lives more convenient. Many times, this is through new technology (self-driving cars, anyone?), but that’s not the only way to make our lives a little easier.

At the office of Lloyd F. Moss Jr., D.D.S., & Lloyd F. Moss III, D.D.S., we have incorporated  technology and new techniques into our practice, but we offer another way to help your family.

At our dentist office in Fredericksburg, VA, we want to provide for all your family’s dental care needs. As a comprehensive family practice, we can assist with your family’s oral health in one location.


Pediatric Care

No one is more important to you than your family. You want your children to develop good dental hygiene habits, so you teach them to brush twice per day and to floss daily.

We also would encourage you to bring them (and yourself) to the dentist a couple times each year for routine cleanings and examinations. This is an important part of pediatric care.

Our dentists want your children to feel comfortable whenever they visit our office in Fredericksburg. We encourage you to bring your child to visit us between his or her second or third birthday. (If you have any concerns about anything, then you are always welcome to bring your child to see us earlier.)

The goal of this first visit is to examine your son or daughter’s teeth and to help him or her become familiar with our staff and our office.

We want your child’s initial experience to be a happy visit. Even if he or she is not ready to let us look at his or her teeth, that’s OK. We can take them for a ride in the dentist chair and introduce them to some of the equipment that we use to take care of teeth.

We don’t want to force your son or daughter to do anything he or she isn’t ready to do. Letting them progress at their own pace will make it less likely that they will feel anxious about coming to our office as they get older.


Growing With Your Family’s Needs

One of the ways we can help make dental care more convenient for you by providing a range of services in one location.

Our preventive care is intended to prevent tooth decay and gum disease or to treat those problems as early as possible.

But that’s just one aspect of dentistry. As your children get older, you may decide that it’s time to begin orthodontic treatment. (If you had braces when you were younger, there’s a reasonable chance that your children will need their teeth straightened as well.)

At our office, we offer Invisalign®, which is can help with alignment issues including:

  • Overbites and underbites
  • Open bites
  • Crossbites
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crooked and crowded teeth

Invisalign offers many advantages over braces. By using clear aligners, which are like plastic mouthguards, your teen’s teeth can be straightened without wires or brackets.

The aligner can be removed during meals, so your son or daughter can continue to eat the foods that they love throughout their orthodontic care.

Invisalign also is a good treatment option for parents who would like a discreet way to improve the appearance of their smiles.


Here For You In A Dental Emergency

This is a service that we provide, although we sincerely hope no one in your family will need it.

We also know that kids will be kids, and dental emergencies happen. We also know they don’t happen on a schedule. Why we encourage you to contact our office at any time, day or night, if anyone you know needed emergency dental care.

You can reach us by calling (540) 369-4926.

Dental emergencies can include broken teeth, teeth that are knocked loose, oral injuries, and toothaches.


Our Family Looks Forward To Meeting Yours

We consider ourselves a family at the office of Lloyd F. Moss Jr., D.D.S., & Lloyd F. Moss III, D.D.S. If you are looking for a dentist in Fredericksburg, VA, to care for you and your family, we would be happy to help.

To learn more about us and our approach to dental care or to make an appointment, call (540) 369-4926 or fill out our online form.