Create A New & Better Smile With Invisalign

What are your plans for the summer? You may have a vacation scheduled, or maybe you are intending to do some improvements around the house.

Here’s another idea: do something to improve your smile.

If you live in or near Fredericksburg, VA, our dentists can talk to you about what Invisalign® could do for your smile or the smile of someone in your family. If you’ve been thinking about orthodontic care, there’s no better time than now to contact the office of Dr. Lloyd Moss, Jr. and Dr. Lloyd Moss, III.

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Who Can Benefit From Invisalign?

Invisalign was originally designed with adults in mind.

Many adults have reasons to try orthodontic care, yet many of those same adults have no interest in wearing braces. We can understand why you may not want to greet a client or customer with a mouthful of metal. Likewise, we realize many adults may not feel comfortable wearing braces in social situations.

Invisalign avoids brackets and wires in favor of transparent plastic aligners. When the aligners are worn over your teeth, they blend in with your smile, making them more discreet than braces.

At first, Invisalign was not recommended for teenagers, but today, teens are some of the best candidates for this orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign aligners need to be worn most of the time, but they can be removed up to a few hours each day. The concern was that teens would not wear the aligners like they should.

Once Invisalign was offered for teens, however, dentists learned that the opposite was true. In general, teenagers have proven to be more likely than adults to wear their aligners as directed.


What Issues Can Invisalign Fix?

The short answer is that Invisalign will work for most people with mild or moderate alignment issues.

The longer answer is that Invisalign can fix nearly all the same kinds of issues as braces. Let’s consider a few examples.

Invisalign can help you straighten teeth that are crooked. You may have crooked teeth because you never received orthodontic care when you were younger. Then again, you may have worn braces already, but now your teeth are started to relapse. This happens when teeth move back toward their original positions.

Wearing your aligners and changing them as needed can give you the straight smile that you want.

Spacing is another reason that many people use Invisalign. The aligners can be effective at closing gaps between your smile as well as putting a little room between crowded teeth. In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, this can make it easier to effectively clean between your teeth.

Bite issues are a concern for many people as well. Overbites and underbites are common concerns. Crossbites (when your top and bottom teeth overlap one another) and open bites (when you have a space between your rows of teeth when your bite is closed) also can create problems for many individuals.

Invisalign can be used to fix your bite as well.


What Are Invisalign’s Advantages Over Braces?

We mentioned a few advantages earlier in this post.

Let’s revisit the fact that Invisalign aligners can be removed for a couple hours per day. (Ask someone with braces if they would like to be able to take them off for a little while, and you’ll understand why this is a benefit.)

The fact that they can be removed gets to another of Invisalign’s advantages. Since you can remove your aligners when you eat, you can eat what you want. And after you eat, you can brush and floss your teeth like you already do.

With braces, dentists recommend avoiding certain foods that could cause brackets to come loose or wires to bend or break. That includes things like pretzels, chips and salsa, and chewy and hard candies, just to give a few examples.

Many people who had braces then wore Invisalign later have said that Invisalign is more comfortable. Each aligner is made of a single piece of smooth plastic. That means no brackets or wires that could scratch the inside of your mouth.


Would You Like To Learn More About Invisalign?

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We’ve seen the difference Invisalign has made in the smiles of many patients at our dentist office in Fredericksburg, VA. We’ve seen how it’s given many of them a boost of self-confidence as well.

What could Invisalign do for you?