Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution For Adult Tooth Loss

Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution For Adult Tooth Loss

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At Moss, our team strives to meet all of your family’s ever-changing oral health needs.

In our Fredericksburg, VA office, on Pelham Street, we offer preventive care, snoring and sleep apnea solutions, TMJ treatment, emergency care, and more.

We also offer a number of cosmetic procedures that can help to improve your smile.

Dental implant surgery is one such procedure that can permanently change your life for the better, and not just in terms of appearances.

What Are Dental Implants Supposed To Do?

Over the course of your lifetime, a tooth may be lost or need to be removed as the result of an emergency situation, advanced decay, or periodontal disease.

This is never an ideal scenario, but it does happen more often than you might think.

When keeping all of your natural teeth is no longer in the cards for you, we can get you set up with durable and strong dental implants at Moss.

These replacement “teeth” will help you quickly and permanently recapture the original look and function of your mouth.

This is an important step for you to take.

We know from experience that untreated tooth loss will continue to create problems in your life.

Chew On This

Did you know that one of the benefits of having a complete set of teeth is that you can eat fiber-rich foods?

Whether you realize it or not, fiber is your body’s friend.

Fiber helps keep your heart healthy and your daily digestion on track.

It also plays a role in preventing weight gain.

And hemorrhoids!

And strokes!

And blood sugar issues!

Trust us, you wouldn’t want to avoid fiber for any significant period of time.

But without fully functioning teeth, you might have to.

When you are missing some of your teeth, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to chew high-fiber foods.

You will be conditioned to forego these staples in favor of foods that are less good for you but also less difficult to consume.

Eventually this new diet will take its toll on your health.

You Will Look And Feel Better With Implants

No matter where you have lost teeth, your looks will suffer, and things won’t feel quite right in your mouth.

You might end up with gaping holes in your smile or sunken-in cheeks that add years to your appearance.

Daily activities like talking, laughing, and eating, will cause you discomfort and embarrassment.

Thankfully, implants can effectively turn this unpleasant situation around for you.

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

There are a few simple steps to the implant placement procedure here at Moss.

First, our team will assess your gums and jaw structure to make sure your gums are healthy and your jaw has enough bone to support the implant.

Next a titanium screw is surgically placed into your jaw to mimic and replace the missing tooth root.

It is then left alone for a few months to give it a chance to integrate into the bone so it can function as an anchor for your replacement tooth.

When the implant is fully fused with your jaw, a post is placed in the screw, and a crown is cemented on top to complete the process.

We always tell our patients that dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth and well worth the investment.

Our implants will restore your biting power as well as your appearance, allowing you to move forward with a healthy, normal existence.

The best news is that this really is a permanent solution. So, if you do your part to maintain good oral hygiene practices at home, your dental implants from Moss can last the rest of your life.

Restore Your Healthy Smile Today

Our team can help you determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

They really do work wonders for most people.

But, to be considered, you must be in good overall health and your jaw must be solid enough to support the implants.

Just so you know, certain medical factors (like diabetes and smoking) might force us to find another option.

Contact our Fredericksburg, VA dental office to schedule your dental implant consultation today!