Design A New Smile With Invisalign

Design A New Smile With Invisalign

At Moss, we are a true family dental office.

We’re not just saying that. Our team is actually headed up by father and son dentists, and we do our best to provide comprehensive and convenient services to the other families of Fredericksburg, Virginia, while making you all feel like part of ours.

We are here for you when you have an oral health emergency, or your kid gets a cavity, or your parents need dentures, or the whole family is due for preventative exams and cleanings.

But in addition to helping you maintain a healthy and fully functional mouth, we want to help you achieve a smile that you would be more than happy to share with the world.

Everyone’s situation is unique and we have many cosmetic dentistry options available.

Still, we have found Invisalign to be among the best orthodontic treatments for our adult patients who desire better teeth but would never want to mess with traditional braces at their stage in life.

Why Bother Now?

Truth be told, many adults pass on orthodontic improvements because they think it’s too much of a hassle or just too late to bother.

What they tend to forget is how much we are defined by our smiles all through life.

For example, concealing your smile might send the message that you are not a warm and friendly person. This misperception can do all sorts of irreparable damage to your social life and professional potential.

What’s more, being ashamed of your smile can make you more self-conscious and less self-assured in situations where confidence is key.

So, whatever your age, you should remain open to orthodontic solutions because it is never too late in life to feel more confident or have healthier teeth.

Invisalign Is Clearly A Better Option

Our team realizes that part of the aversion to orthodontic solutions is that most adults grew up around old school metal braces that worked by using brackets that were affixed onto each tooth and strung together by very noticeable wires.

If we search our memories hard enough, we probably all knew someone who had to deal with those clunky braces and the uncool tools required for cleaning, the constant dentist visits for adjustments, and, in many cases, a cruel nickname.

No grown up in their right mind would want to endure all of that if they did not absolutely have to.

That’s why we are so passionate about Invisalign.

This system works to correct alignment and appearance issues with your teeth through the use of clear, custom-fitted plastic trays.

The trays are made to be switched out every so often to keep the adjustment process on track.

They are also designed to be removed whenever necessary.

This means that, while you are getting a better smile, you can still enjoy eating, it will be easy enough to clean your gear, and you can ditch them for photo opps without any problems.

What’s more, Invisalign is discreet, effective, and safe.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

See Where Moss Can Take Your Smile

To find out if Invisalign is for right for you, or to hear about our other treatment solutions, contact us today to schedule your adult orthodontic consultation.

At Moss, we want you to smile with passion!