Don’t Hurt Your Smile With DIY Dentistry

We might watch a few episodes of your favorite home renovation show on HGTV and think to yourself, “I could do that to my house.” Some people can pull it off, while others are left with a half-finished project and a list of contractors to call upon.   

Of course, unlike construction, there are things you should NEVER attempt to do yourself, especially when it comes to dentistry. Our Fredericksburg VA dental office is here to offer you advanced dental care and to educate you about your dental needs. We have spent years treating patients from all dental complications.

Whether you need a dental cleaning and exam or full-mouth reconstruction, you get the care you need at our office. Learn more about our services when you call our office today at (540) 373-2080.

Today we want to run through a few of the hazards of DIY dentistry. It’s unfortunate that even today, when dentistry has come so far, that we still hear stories about DIY dentistry.

Replacing Your Own Fillings

Even a dentist on their best day wouldn’t place a filling in their own mouth. Placing a filling is no task for someone without a dental degree. Your tooth has four different layers, and it’s possible to irritate the tooth or hit a nerve if you’re digging at your own tooth. There are emergency filling kits available at any local drugstore, but those kits are only for temporary use only. They can be used if a filling falls out of your mouth and you cannot get to the dentist right away. But they should never be used as a permanent solution. We have emergency dental solutions for you and your family, and we’re one of the few dental offices that can treat you the same day you call. 

That material is not meant to be permanent, so it’s likely the filling will wear down within a few days. Also, the filling is not bonded to the tooth, so harmful bacteria will continue to find its way beneath the filling.

We place fillings using gentle techniques and tooth-colored material that restores your smile, both in beauty and function. The fillings are made from an extremely strong resin material that will last for years. The resin filling contains no metal, and we don’t have to remove as much of the tooth that we would with a metal filling.

Removing Your Own Teeth

Believe it or not, there are some people who go so far as to remove their own teeth. We can’t think of too many things that would be more unpleasant. The negatives of this are obvious! Yanking out your own tooth is extremely painful and and harmful to your mouth. You can also get an infection that can affect the rest of your healthy teeth. Having a dentist pull a tooth ensures that the entire tooth is removed and that the area will properly heal.

But more importantly … Just because a tooth hurts or has an abscess doesn’t mean it must be pulled. Dentists use extraction ONLY as a last resort. Even if the tooth is severely infected, we can often save the tooth with root canal therapy. The root canal cleans out any infection, and this treatment is successful about 98 percent of the time. In fact, many teeth with root canal therapy continue to be function forever.

Using Rubber Bands for Orthodontics

One of the more unsettling internet videos we’ve seen are of youngsters, and even some adults, using actual rubber bands to close their gapped teeth. The videos show people wrapping the rubber bands around the teeth, near the gum line. There are so many ways this DIY orthodontic move can turn terrible. Perhaps the biggest concern is that the bands get stuck in the gums, causing an infection or even the need for oral surgery.

You’re far better off coming to our office to hear about our latest orthodontic treatments. It’s possible that you won’t even need braces to correct your smile. And orthodontic treatments times are shorter than ever. Yes, professional orthodontic treatment can be a substantial investment, but you’ll have peace of mind that your getting quality care. With bad DIY remedies, you don’t know what to expect, and you may create a substantial and more costly problem down the road.   

If you’re thinking about ways to enhance your smile, come visit us. We can teach you about your smile and smile solutions. So give us a call today at (540) 373-2080.