Easy Ways To Get The Smile You Deserve

Easy Ways To Get The Smile You Deserve

Hello again.

We hope that you are enjoying Fall in Fredericksburg, VA. And we hope that you are taking care of your teeth! At Moss we are here to be your partner in oral health. Beyond that, we are your source for a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions that can radically reconfigure your smile.

Why are we so passionate about cosmetics?

Because the way that you feel about yourself (i.e. your self-confidence) is bound up with the way that you look and they way that others perceive you.

Let’s face it, most of us were not born with a Hollywood smile. We all have dental issues that bother us to varying degrees. Whether you need a simple whitening treatment, or a full-scale restoration, your Fredericksburg dentist can make it happen.

What Can Moss Do For You?

It all starts with you deciding that you are ready to take the next step towards transforming your look. When you do, we will book you for a consultation to evaluate your current needs.

First we will need to make sure your that your mouth is healthy, because we can’t perform any cosmetic services until any decay or infection is addressed.

If you are deemed to be a good candidate, we will then look at which solutions, or combination of solutions, are right for you.

Are Your Teeth A Color Other Than White?

Have your teeth darkened with age?

Do you like the sort of things that leave deep stains on your teeth (like coffee, coke, tea, chocolate, wine, etc)?

Then we can brighten your life with a professional whitening solution.

Opalescence Whitening System

Opalescence whitening can help you get that look that will make you feel like smiling!

For this method, we will create trays to perfectly fit your mouth, and we will give you the whitening solution that are guaranteed to get the job done safely and effectively.

Do You Have Crooked, Crowded, Or Gapped Teeth?

If you are looking to straighten out the situation in your mouth, we can set you up with an adult orthodontic treatment.

Short-Term Orthodontics

At Moss, we feature two forms of short-term orthodontics for adults.

One is the Six Month Smile system which will transform your smile in 3-6 months.

Clear brackets, tooth-colored wires, and a concerted focus on only the teeth that show when you smile, make this a quick and easy solution.

We also offer Invisalign clear plastic aligners. While the treatment time is a little longer, Invisalign is a discreet, comfortable, and effective method for realigning teeth.

The best part is that the aligners are removable!

Are Your Teeth Damaged?

Do your teeth have cracks, chips, stains, or other flaws that you would like to hide from the world? Then we have a good catch-all solution, veneers.

Dental Veneers

Veneers can cover up misshapen teeth, certain alignment issues, and any cosmetic pain points.

Learn More, Start Today!

Whatever dental issues you are dealing with, we can likely improve your situation with cosmetic dentistry from Moss.

If you are ready to learn more or get started, contact our Fredericksburg, VA dental office today!