Family Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA, Part One

As a family owned and operated dental practice, the office of Lloyd F. Moss, Jr., DDS & Lloyd F. Moss, III, DDS is passionate about providing quality dental care to the families of Fredericksburg, VA. We know that each member of your family has their own set of issues and concerns, and we have the experience and expertise to help your whole family with their dental needs.

Small Children

It is never too soon to get your kids started on a healthy oral hygiene routine. Even babies who have no teeth are susceptible to the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Eventually, those teeth will come in, and you want your baby’s mouth and gums to be bacteria free when they do. Babies aren’t born with this bacteria. It is typically transferred to them by a parent, often by sharing a spoon when eating. So you need to resist the urge to take a bite of those delicious pureed peas and carrots.

To make sure your baby’s gums are not collecting bacteria, wipe them down every day with a warm wash cloth. Once her teeth start to break through, you can start brushing them with just a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste. When she reaches about two years old, you can start helping her to learn to brush her teeth on her own.

Older Children

As your children get old enough to gain some independence, they become more likely to get cavities. In fact, school age children are more prone to cavities than any other age group. At least part of the blame goes to kids’ passion for candy and sweets. Even when you strictly monitor their sugar intake at home, children have a way of getting candy when want it (doting grandparents, cool aunts and uncles).

Another factor in older children’s cavity problem is not so great oral hygiene. When your kids are older, they should be brushing their teeth on their own, which is good because it teaches them healthy habits at a young age. The problem is children typically aren’t known for diligent dental care. They will rush through brushing, or skip it altogether when they can get away with it, often leaving their back teeth untouched.

Tooth loss may not seem like a serious concern for a child who is getting a second set of teeth when the baby teeth come out. However, children’s permanent teeth need the baby teeth as a guide when they come in. If your child loses his baby teeth prematurely due to tooth decay, then his permanent teeth could come in crooked. So to avoid alignment issues later in their lives, help your children learn to take care of their teeth to avoid tooth decay.

For both your younger and older children, make sure to bring them into our Fredericksburg office for routine cleanings and examinations. Even if your children have excellent oral hygiene habits, and have never had a cavity, they still need to make regular dental visits. If they become accustomed to dental visits at a young age, they will be less likely to experience dental anxiety as a teenager or adult.


As your children move into their teen years, their dental concerns will change. This is the time in your children’s lives when you will want to reinforce their home dental care routine. Most teens will be heavily involved in after school activities, whether they are practicing basketball, or are heavily involved in the French Club, or working a part time job. This means your teenagers will be spending much of their time away from you. So you will have to trust that they are making healthy food choices, and not having convenience store chili dogs for dinner every night.

Unhealthy eating habits can get your teen into some dental health trouble, including tooth decay and gum disease, and while your small children have permanent teeth to take the place of their baby teeth, teenagers do not. This means the effects of poor dental care can have longer, more permanent consequences. True enough, you can’t follow your teens around everywhere to make sure they are eating properly, but you can make sure they are getting regular cleanings and examinations from Lloyd F. Moss, Jr., DDS & Lloyd F. Moss, III, DDS. We can make sure their teeth are healthy and catch any problems early, so they don’t become serious problems.

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Dental care should be a family affair, so don’t hesitate to bring your children into our Fredericksburg office, even if they are not showing any signs of dental problems. The more often they visit our office, the more comfortable they’ll be when they do need dental work.

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