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Feel Good About Your Smile Again With Dental Implants

Many times when we talk to patients about tooth loss, we focus on the physical effects it can take on someone.

Tooth loss makes it difficult to bite and chew many foods. Tooth loss can lead to bone loss in your jaw, and that can cause you to look physically older than you really are.

Sometimes we overlook something that’s equally important — and maybe more important in the day-to-day lives of our patients in and around Fredericksburg, VA. Tooth loss can have a serious, long-term emotional impact on people’s lives.

We do need to be honest about those physical effects, but today, we want to discuss other ways lost teeth can affect you.

We also want to explain why dental implants can help prevent or reverse the emotional and the physical problems we mentioned above.

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How Tooth Loss Affects People

We aren’t going to discuss any specific patients in this post. We are going to describe situations we have heard about from multiple people suffering the consequences of tooth loss.

Imagine someone you love has lost a tooth. You encourage him or her to do something about it, but they try to play it off like it isn’t a big deal. They point out that the tooth isn’t in an obvious place. It doesn’t really affect their smile, and they figure they can just chew on the other side of their mouth.

What happens is their remaining teeth can begin to “drift.” This does change the appearance of their smile. They start to become self-conscious about their teeth, and you notice that they smile less often than they previously did.

This is someone who used to pose for pictures and smile without hesitating. Now, they try to avoid the camera. When they do pose for pictures, they are very deliberate about hiding their teeth.

You’ve also noticed that this person has become less social than they used to be. They routinely make excuses to avoid social gatherings, whether it was a New Year’s Eve party or just a small dinner at a new restaurant with some close friends.

What this person may not tell you is that they really are embarrassed by what has happened to their teeth.


Ignoring Lost Teeth Only Makes The Problems Worse

Remember the plan to eat on the other side of their mouth. That worked out OK at first, but it also meant more wear and tear on the teeth they did use. This left those teeth more vulnerable to falling out as well.

Over time, your loved one did lose more teeth, which added to the stress on any remaining teeth they had … and that leads to even more teeth falling out.

As your loved one lost more teeth, they become less likely to do anything where other people might see them. We think you would agree with us that this isn’t a healthy way to live.

It’s one thing to get away from other people to relax from time to time. It’s something else to go out of your way to avoid people simply because you are ashamed of your teeth.


Dental Implants Solve, Prevent Tooth Loss Issues

Every patient we’ve had who experienced the issues described above is someone’s loved one. And keep in mind that many people consider you to be their loved one, too.

If you are missing a single tooth, a dental implant may help stop further tooth loss. An implant replaces the root of your missing tooth. With a dental crown, you will have a complete replacement tooth that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

This can stop the drifting and the excessive wear and tear that could cost you more teeth.

If you are further along, and you have lost multiple teeth — maybe even all your teeth — dental implants can help you as well.

By getting a series of dental implants, you can support a dental bridge or dentures. Research has shown that these function practically as well as real teeth.

And these teeth replacements also restore your natural-looking smile.


Smile Again With Dental Implants

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about your missing tooth or teeth. Drs. Moss & Moss can examine your mouth, answer your questions, and help you decide if implant-supported teeth replacements are right for you.

Start rebuilding your smile by contacting us online or by calling (540) 369-4926. Schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Fredericksburg, VA today.