Get The Straight Teeth You Want With Short-Term Orthodontics

There are some 1.3 million adults in the U.S. who are using orthodontics to straighten their teeth. There are probably tens of millions more adults who would like to have straight teeth but hate the inconvenience and embarrassment of metal braces. If you’re one of the people who want enjoy the smile benefits of straight teeth, consider short-term orthodontics from Dr. Lloyd F. Moss Jr. and Dr. Lloyd F. Moss III in Fredericksburg, VA.

The Problem(s) With Braces

Metal braces do an excellent job of aligning teeth, but they come with a number of drawbacks.

Traditional metal braces use metal brackets affixed to the teeth that are connected by metal wires. That metal can irritate and even cut the tongue, lips, and the insides of the cheeks.

Metal braces are also hard to brush and floss around thoroughly. In fact, the first thing that most people want to do when braces are removed is to clean their teeth!

Braces also cause considerable embarrassment due to the mouthful of metal look. People find themselves reluctant to smile or to laugh. That reluctance can impact people’s social and occupational success.

Finally, treatment with braces often takes a long time – 24 to 36 months is quite common. That’s a quite a while to live with those inconveniences.

Invisalign®: Convenient, Comfortable, Discreet

Invisalign clear dental aligners avoid the disadvantages of metal braces. The removable, clear plastic aligners won’t irritate the inside of your mouth and they’re very hard for someone else to detect when you’re wearing them.

You wear the aligners for about 22 hours every day for fastest results, but you remove them to eat and to care for your teeth just as you always do. The completely customized aligners fit so snugly over your teeth that you can – and should – sleep with them in place! You needn’t worry about Invisalign coming loose unexpectedly.

About every two weeks, you change to the next aligner in your personal series to continue the process of generally moving your teeth into place.

Invisalign is generally much faster than metal braces; the average length of treatment is about 12 months.

Most adults and teens can benefit from Invisalign, but the only way to know for sure is to schedule a free consultation with Drs. Moss and Moss in Fredericksburg, VA.

Six Month Smiles®: It’s Fast!

Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires that are far less noticeable than silver-colored braces. The constant low pressure comfortably moves your teeth into their new positions, generally in about six months. The shorter length of treatment makes Six Month Smiles a very attractive option for budget-conscious people who want straight teeth.

As with Invisalign, Drs. Moss and Moss will determine whether Six Month Smiles is the right option for your needs.

Get Started

Straight teeth without the embarrassment and disadvantages of traditional metal braces can be yours with short-term orthodontic solutions from Dr. Lloyd F. Moss Jr. and Dr. Lloyd F. Moss III in Fredericksburg, VA. The first step is to schedule your free consultation. Call our office at 540-369-4926 or use our convenient online appointment page.