How Mini Implants Helped Joan Be Joan

Joan is the life of the party again!

This is the Joan that people have grown to know and love.

And it’s all thanks to mini dental implants.

What are mini implants? Are they something that could help you or someone you love?

Keep reading to learn how they helped Joan and why she needed to get them.

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The Problem Begins

Joan lost her teeth a few years ago as a result of a combination of problems. Some of her teeth were knocked out during a fall.

Even though that was an accident, she felt too embarrassed to go out. The missing teeth changed the way she pronounced words, and she didn’t want other people to see what her mouth looked like either.

She even skipped her regular dental appointments because of how she felt.

For people who knew Joan, it was a bit surprising when she starting making excuses to avoid joining them for dinner at a new restaurant or decline invitations to get-togethers. People really missed her (and her fabulous desserts) at Christmas parties.

Joan had always been a lively, energetic, outgoing person. This change concerned them.

She finally made a dental appointment when more of her teeth fell out. As it became harder and harder for her to eat anything besides soup, she decided to ask about dentures.

At the time, the dentist encouraged her to consider dental implants to support her dentures, but she stuck with traditional dentures instead.

Life With Dentures

At first, Joan considered the dentures an improvement.

When she looked at her smile in the mirror, it looked like she had teeth again, sort of. She couldn’t bite into a fresh apple and she probably wouldn’t order a rare steak, but she could eat more than she could with her missing teeth.

She started dining out with her friends again, although it still wasn’t like before.

Joan used to be quick with a joke or a witty comment, and she told the best stories. Now, she seemed hesitant to speak.

She had learned at home that her dentures could slip out of position when she was speaking, so she tried to be careful to avoid talking more than necessary when in public.

Over time, Joan’s dentures didn’t fit as well. They would fall out more frequently, and the list of foods that she avoided got longer.

It was almost like something had changed with her mouth, she thought.

The truth is that is exactly what was happening, even though Joan couldn’t see it.

Below her gums, she had been losing bone mass ever since she lost her first teeth in the accident. Since she didn’t have roots in that part of her jaw, her jawbone was not getting the stimulation it needed to create new bone tissue.

She had been losing bone density gradually all this time. That bone loss was affecting the shape of her gums, which also affected how her dentures fit.

The Mini Implant Solution

Eventually, Joan became fed up with her loose-fitting dentures. She decided that maybe her dentist was right, and she would get implant-supported dentures instead.

She learned that might not be as simple as she thought. Because of her bone loss, she did not have enough bone left to hold dental implants in place.

The dentist explained that she had two options if she really wanted implant dentures.

The first option would be getting a bone graft. This would involve transplanting bone tissue into her jaw, then giving that time to heal so her existing bone and the transplanted tissue could grow together.

After that happened, she would be able to get dental implants.

The second option would be to get mini implants. The dentist explained that mini implants have a smaller diameter than standard implants. This meant mini implants could be placed in bone that was not sufficient to support other implants.

The mini implants could also support dentures, and this would make her dentures more secure and more stable. She could feel confident that her dentures would stay in place when she was sharing a story or grabbing a bite to eat.

And she would be able to confidently order whatever she wanted when she dined out with her friends.

Joan knew mini implants were the right choice for her.

Will You Be Like Joan?

We should come clean and admit that the Joan in our story is not a real person. The issues we described, however, do affect many people who have lost teeth.

This is why the dentists at Moss dental offer mini implants for our patients in and around Fredericksburg, VA.

To find out if mini implants could help you feel like yourself again, use our online form or call (540) 369-4926 to schedule a consultation.