Invisalign Can Change Your Life

Invisalign Can Change Your Life

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We hope that you are enjoying this crisp Virginia autumn. It is extremely hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close. Have you accomplished all of your goals for 2015? Have you even thought about what you would like to get done in the coming year?

Your friends at Moss have a few thoughts on the matter. As your source for comprehensive dental solutions in Fredericksburg, VA, we would like you to be thinking about areas for improvement around the health and appearance of your smile.

Do you have the smile of your dreams already? Were you blessed with perfectly shaped, evenly spaced teeth? Then you are doing better than most. If you are not so lucky, and you would like to do something about the bothersome aspects of your smile, we have an easy method for straightening things out, and it should only take about a year to accomplish a total transformation.

We are talking about adult orthodontics aimed at fixing crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth. But before you start closing yourself off, you should know that we are not talking about shiny metal braces that draw attention, trap food, cause mouth sores, require adjustments, and stay in place for the duration of treatment.

Most of our adult patients recoil from the very thought of conventional orthodontic treatment. However, once we explain what we can do with a system called Invisalign, smile improvement is an easy sell.

Invisalign Raised The Bar

Invisalign delivers amazing end results but this method is nothing like the braces your friends wore in high school.

How does Invisalign work?

It is a system for gradually realigning teeth. But instead of metal brackets and wires, it relies on a series of clear, plastic aligners to get the job done.

We start by making a map of your mouth and some projections for where we want everything to end up.

Then we create all of the aligners that you will need to get the job done in our allocated time span.

The aligners are actually invisible enough that none of your colleagues will ever suspect what you are up to. And they will fit comfortably on top of your teeth without causing any irritation in your mouth.

Invisalign will not require any monthly tune-ups either. Every two weeks you will simply switch out the aligners for the next set in the series so that you can keep your treatment on schedule.

The added bonus is that Invisalign aligners do not have to stay in your mouth the entire treatment time. They must be worn for 20+ hours per day, but they are designed to be removable.

Since they can be taken out at will, you will never have to worry about what you eat or how many food particles are ending up in your gear. And you won’t have to have special tools ready for cleaning. When it comes time to clean them, you will just pop them out and run them under warm water.

The treatment will normally take about a year, as opposed to 2-3 years with traditional braces, and Invisalign will not require any major lifestyle adjustments on your part to accomplish your stated goals.

Invisalign At Moss

Getting a better smile in Fredericksburg, VA is now easier than ever with Invisalign from Moss. We have seen this method work small miracles with our adult patients. Still, you will need to sign up for a consultation to see if it is the best solution for you.

Why wait another year to make the changes you desire?

Contact us today to get started on your brand new smile!