Is Restorative Dentistry What You Need To Smile Again?

Is Restorative Dentistry What You Need To Smile Again?

Welcome back to our oral health blog.

At Moss, we are led by a father-son dentist duo, which allows us to boast that we are a family dental practice on a number of levels!

But seriously, because we are family-oriented, we understand the many needs that can come up depending upon your point in life.

Based in Virginia, our team is here to serve the families of Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, and Caroline, as well as any folks who don’t mind travelling a little further for quality care.

From our dental office on Pelham Street, in Fredericksburg, VA, we offer preventative care, short-term orthodontics, emergency treatment, and more.

We are also big on restorative dentistry, a field that is aimed at reviving the overall health and appearance of your smile.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

As the name implies, restorative dentistry techniques are employed to restore and/or replace teeth (or pieces of teeth) that have been broken, banged up, or severely decayed.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, at Moss, we have many good options for you, depending on your current needs and budget.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

This one is pretty straightforward. After scraping away the decay and cleaning your affected tooth, we will place a filling in the cavity to protect your tooth from further decay and infection.

This will save you from a root canal or extraction down the road.

You will be happy to know that, in our Fredericksburg, VA dental office, we use composite resin fillings. These are mercury-free and can be made to match the natural color of your teeth.

Plus, they are durable and discreet!

Dental Implants

Losing teeth as an adult can be a painful and embarrassing situation.

We completely understand the way that this scenario can make you feel. However, things will only get worse for you if some treatment solution is not sought sooner rather than later.

At Moss, we can offer dental implants, which are titanium posts that are used to take the place of your natural tooth roots.

Our implants can anchor an individual replacement tooth or several teeth.

We usually complete the tooth restoration using crowns for a beautiful look.


Crowns are designed to look just like natural teeth.

A crown completely covers the visible part of the tooth at and above the gum line.

They are usually used to cover and protect a badly damaged tooth, or a tooth that has undergone a root canal.

Crowns are also used to restore implants and are used in bridges.

Speaking of bridges…


These were engineered to literally “bridge” the gap left by missing teeth, hence the name.

In a traditional bridge, crowns are made to cover the teeth on either side of the missing one.

Those support teeth are called abutment teeth.

The middle tooth, called a pontic, is the replacement for the missing tooth.

Don’t worry, we won’t quiz you on all that information.

What you need to know is that this is another viable solution for tooth loss.


You have probably heard of dentures without knowing exactly what they entail.

Simply put, dentures are artificial teeth that are set in molded plastic to fit over your gums.

Once installed, they are kept in place with adhesive.

To replace a full upper or lower arch of teeth, removable dentures have long been the treatment of choice for many of our patients.

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