Makeover Your Smile For Spring In Fredericksburg, VA

Makeover Your Smile For Spring In Fredericksburg, VA

Welcome back to our oral health blog! Now that February is almost behind us, it seems appropriate to turn our attention towards spring. After all, that great season of renewal is only a few weeks away. Will you be ready for the increased social interaction…all the eating, drinking, laughing with friends?

Wouldn’t it be nice to improve the health and appearance of your smile in time for spring? At Moss, we’ll make it easy for you to do just that with our great cosmetic dentistry solutions. These smile makeover treatments are noninvasive and cost-effective. What’s more, whether you need a professional teeth whitening treatment, or a full-scale restoration, our Fredericksburg, VA dental team can make your transformation happen quickly.

Fair warning: we will first need to make sure your that your mouth is in good health, because we can’t perform any cosmetic services until any decay or infection is addressed. That said, if you are determined to be a good candidate, we will then be ready to look at which solution, or combination of solutions, are right for your current needs and budget.

Do You Have Discolored Teeth?

Just growing older will darken your smile. And habits like coffee, soda, tea, wine, and chocolate only make matters worse. Luckily, we can brighten your outlook with a professional whitening solution from Moss.

Opalescence Whitening System

Opalescence whitening can help you get that look that you want for spring. For this method, we will create trays to perfectly fit your mouth, and we will give you the whitening solution that are guaranteed to get the job done safely and effectively.

You’ll be blown away by the results!

Are Your Teeth Crooked, Overcrowded, Or Gapped?

Then you are not alone! If you are looking to straighten out the problems in your mouth, we can set you up with a short-term adult orthodontic treatment.

Adult Orthodontics

At Moss, we are pleased to offer two forms of short-term orthodontics made to move adult teeth.

One is the Six Month Smile system which, as the name implies, will transform your smile in just 3-6 months. Clear brackets, tooth-colored wires, and a laser-sharp focus on only the teeth that show when you smile, make this a quick and easy solution.

As a second option, we offer the amazing Invisalign system that utilizes clear plastic aligners. While the treatment time is a little longer (12 months), Invisalign is a subtle, comfortable, and effective method for realigning your bad teeth.

The nice thing is that these aligners are actually removable! This will make eating and cleaning your gear a more pleasant experience for you!

Have Your Teeth Been Damaged?

Do your teeth have cracks, chips, stains, or other imperfections that you would like to hide from your colleagues? Then we have a good cover-up solution, dental veneers.

Dental Veneers

our veneers can hide misshapen teeth, certain alignment issues, and any cosmetic pain points. What’s more, they are extremely easy and effective!

Get A Better Smile Today!

We hope that you have been inspired by today’s blog post. If you are ready to learn more or get started on your spring smile makeover, contact our Fredericksburg, VA dental office right away!

We can’t wait to see you smile with passion!