Reverse The Effects Of Stains

Reverse The Effects Of Stains

Welcome back to our oral health blog!

If you are in need of a family dentist in Fredericksburg, VA, we would love to talk to you about our comprehensive services at Moss. We are one of the few practices around that understands the needs of busy families and strives to make all of our dental solutions as convenient as possible.

When you are entrusted to our care, we will be here for you to help keep your mouth feeling fresh and healthy and to keep your smile looking great.

It just makes sense that when you feel good about the way you look, you will have more self-confidence, energy, and willingness to socialize.

Speaking of social engagements, now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, is your smile ready for the many opportunities to meet up with friends and family?

Obviously, there will be plenty of laughter, conversation, and photography happening for which you wouldn’t want to show up with stained or yellowed teeth.

Dark Days For Teeth

These days, it is hard to stay ahead of the stains that can form from taking medicine, growing older, and enjoying rich foods and beverages. If you are still a smoker, that can make the situation even worse.

Millions of Americans are looking for a way to make their smile brighter, which is why there are dozens of “whitening” toothpastes on the market and an abundance of over-the-counter DIY whitening kits to be found at every supermarket in Fredericksburg.

All we can say about that is that your dentist can provide whitening solutions that actually work and won’t put your gums and soft tissues in any kind of danger. Don’t waste your time or money on kits that aren’t going to produce demonstrable results.

If you have some important occasions on your calendar, let us know in advance so we can get your formerly pearly whites looking nice and white again.

Moss Has Good Solutions For Stained Teeth

Professionally-guided teeth whitening from your Fredericksburg, VA dentist is always going to be a better experience for turning around the effects of stains.

We are proud to feature the Opalescence whitening system and offer in-office services as well as professional take-home kits, depending on your needs and preferences.

To ensure the best possible whitening experience, we always create customized trays that fit your unique set of teeth just right. Try getting that from a mass-manufactured kit!

After that, and based on the current condition of your mouth, you will be supplied with the appropriate concentration of professional-strength whitening gel–enough to deliver the radiant results you’re hoping for–without inadvertently damaging your gums in the process.

As it happens, Opalescence is offered in different concentrations for daytime and nighttime whitening, which is why it is nice to have a dentist guiding the process for you.

And to make it a little more exciting, the gel even comes in a variety of flavors!

We make it quick, easy, and fun to get a brighter smile!

Why Wait Any Longer?

Get ready for the holidays with whiter teeth from Moss!

Contact us online or call our Fredericksburg, VA dental team at (540) 369-4926 to schedule your dental whitening consultation.