Technology Makes Dental Care Better For Patients [video]

Our dentists have invested in technology that makes dental care better for you. Why? We want to provide the best family and general dentistry we can for all our patients in around Fredericksburg, VA.

A great example of this is our intraoral camera. This is a great tool for our dental professionals because it allows us to find problems earlier when they are easier to treat.

It’s just as beneficial for our patients as well. By sharing the images with you, you can see exactly what we are seeing. We have found that this improves our patients’ knowledge and helps them make better decisions about their oral care.

To see the big picture for yourself, make plans to visit the office of Lloyd F. Moss, Jr., DDS & Lloyd F. Moss, III, DDS. You can call (540) 369-4926 or contact us online to make your appointment.