The Back to School Dental Cleaning

Fredericksburg, VA, is like most other parts of the world right now: we are heading back to school! The end of summer is upon us, and our patients are coming in for their back to school dental cleanings. Is your child on our schedule?

We sure hope so because a back to school dental cleaning can carry a whole lot of benefit for your student. Think about all of the discomfort and nervousness you felt on your first days at school, and imagine how nice it would be to have a freshly cleaned smile to confidently share with others!

This time of year is full of all kinds of activities. There are supplies to be purchased, haircuts to be completed, and back to school open houses at the school. In midst of all of that, you are trying to do everything you can to set your child up for a successful year. We have one more thing to add to your list.

Adding One More Thing to Your List

It can be a hassle to think about anything else at this time of year, but a back to school dental cleaning really can set your student up for success. Think about it like all of the other things you are doing for your child right now. A dental cleaning will be a big boost to your student in a lot of ways. Take a look below to see what we mean.

The Benefits for Your Student

Setting your student up for success means giving your student the tools they need to be alert and attentive in the classroom. Whether that means getting them the prescription eye glasses they need, making sure they are getting the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, or if it means making sure their teeth are healthy.

Better Focus – It doesn’t take much to distract a young child in the classroom, just ask any teacher. Having teeth that feel uncomfortable can be enough to keep your child’s focus off of the lesson. A clean, comfortable mouth will be one less thing your child has to take their mind off of class!

No Missed Days – Your child’s oral health will impact their overall health. A child who has unhealthy teeth will be more likely to get sick in other ways, too. Having a dental appointment now also means that your child won’t have to miss a day of school during the school year.

A Confident Smile – Going into school is a big deal for kids. Give your child a boost of confidence with a clean smile! It’s much easier to smile when you know that your teeth look and feel great!

Creating a Healthy Routine at Home

Coming to see the dentist every six months is extremely important, but you can also help your child have a clean, confident smile by creating healthy habits at home! We know that this is something you have probably already begun with your child, but it never hurts to review the top three aspects of great at-home care to be sure you are doing all that you can to help your child have strong, healthy teeth.

Brushing Enough?
Is your child brushing enough? They should be brushing for at least two minutes each morning after breakfast, and two minutes each evening before bed. It is important that they hit that two minute mark because that is the amount of time it takes to really cover all of the quadrants of the mouth.

Able to Use Floss?
Some kids really struggle with traditional string floss because it requires dexterity that they don’t yet have! Rather than asking them to do something that they cannot handle, try getting flossers instead. They will work great until your child has the finger strength and flexibility to work traditional floss.

Getting Fluoride?
In order to keep those pearly whites healthy and free of cavities, your child needs to be getting fluoride. You can do this by encouraging them to drink plenty of tap water throughout the day. You can also purchase a fluoride rinse that will help boost the strength of your child’s tooth enamel.

Make Your Child’s Appointment Today!

Are you ready to help your child start the school year right? Contact our office today to set up a back to school dental cleaning and exam. We would love to see you both very soon, so call today!