There’s More Than One Short-Term Orthodontic Treatment

If you are an adult living with crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, we have some good news for you. When you come to our Fredericksburg, VA dental office for treatment, you won’t have to invest 2-3 long years of your time in order to straighten out the unruly situation in your mouth. Drs. Lloyd Moss Jr. and Lloyd Moss III are equipped to provide you with a short-term orthodontic treatment custom-designed for your unique situation.

Keep reading to hear more about the benefits of attaining straighter teeth, and to get a better understanding of our two great alternative orthodontic treatments. Then give us a call at [phone] to launch your transformative journey with a consultation appointment.

The Straight Path

It’s no secret that straight teeth look and feel better, but a better appearance isn’t the only perk. Other benefits of straight teeth include the following:


  • Clearer speech. Crooked teeth or having gaps in between teeth can cause speech problems such as a lisp.


  • Easier cleaning. Simply put, straight teeth are less of a hassle to keep clean. You can give plaque and dangerous bacteria a daily disruption.


  • More durable smile. If the teeth aren’t coming together properly, you’re at a higher risk of experiencing dental emergencies such as chips, cracks, or even breaks in your smile.


  • Less jaw discomfort. A problematic bite can cause tenderness or swelling of the jaw. These aches and pains will go away once your transformation is complete.


  • Fewer headaches. Recurring headaches are also correlated to having a bad bite or chronic habits such as clenching or grinding.  


  • Lower dental costs. Having a straighter, cleaner teeth means incurring fewer costly issues later in life. Take our word for it, prevention is always the best plan.


A New Smile Is Only Months Away

It used to be that you had to have a lot of patience and a high tolerance for discomfort to endure an orthodontic treatment. But that is not the case any more. The Six Month Smiles treatment is short-term orthodontic system that uses specially-designed, fast-acting brackets and wires to quickly realign your teeth.

Six Month Smiles is appropriately named because of the typical treatment time frame. Most of our patients experience amazing results in just six months.

This treatment is fast because it’s not meant to be a comprehensive orthodontic treatment. The only downside is that it is not very workable for patients with severe alignment issues or bite problems. That said, not every patient with crooked teeth needs comprehensive orthodontics. Many don’t!

Six Month Smiles is a perfect system for patients who have mildly crooked teeth in the front section of their mouth (the teeth that show the most whenever you flash your smile). Don’t worry, we’ll help you determine the extent of your issues when you are here for your preliminary consultation appointment.

There Is A Way That Requires No Braces

Perhaps you have heard already heard about the wonders of Invisalign. While it may not be a household name, it has certainly skyrocketed in popularity over the last 20 years, and for good reason. Invisalign is a short-term orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear plastic orthodontic aligners to gradually straighten the teeth. This treatment requires no fixed metal appliances and the clear plastic aligner trays are practically invisible, which makes them incredibly discreet.

Some things you need to know before beginning an Invisalign treatment:

  • Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning. Old-school braces come with a list of dietary restrictions, but not Invisalign. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you like. You simply remove the aligners and then clean your teeth as usual once you’re finished.


  • You’ll switch out aligners about once every two weeks. Since there are no fixed wires, you don’t have to fret about taking time of work to go in for painful wire adjustments at the dentist’s office.


  • Aligners need to be in your mouth most of the time (20 hours a day). Having a series of removable aligners is liberating for patients, but it isn’t a free-for-all. The aligners need to be in there to get the job done. If you’re not keeping up with wearing them, you risk risk prolonging your treatment.
  • The treatment normally wraps up in 12 months. Invisalign only takes about half the time (maybe even less) than a standard orthodontic treatment would take.


  • We can make it happen! Pretty self-explanatory, you just need to get in touch with our team to get started.


A New Smile Awaits

We expect that you’ll still have some questions. So, if you have been inspired to take the next step toward a straighter, more beautiful smile, call Lloyd F. Moss, Jr. DDS in Fredericksburg, VA today at 540-369-4926 or fill out our online form to set up a consultation appointment. That way we can figure out the best way forward for you in terms of a short-term orthodontic treatment.