Three Gifts That Could Help Someone’s Dental Health

Thanksgiving is almost here, but you may have already started thinking about gifts that you are going to buy in the next month. (Some of you have probably started shopping, too.)

With this in mind, we want to offer a few dentist-approved gift ideas for the people in your life. These probably do fall more on the practical side, but some of them can be fun, too!

Before we explain, Dr. Lloyd Moss Jr., Dr. Lloyd Moss III, and the rest of the team at our Fredericksburg, VA, dentist office hope you start the holiday season by having a happy Thanksgiving.


Gift Idea #1: An Electric Toothbrush

Do you know someone who has trouble brushing their teeth manually? Do you have kids who might be more inclined to brush their teeth if their toothbrush was a little more “fun” to use?

If you said yes to either or both of those questions, then an electric toothbrush might make a nice stocking stuffer.

Now, do you need an electric toothbrush? For someone who is healthy, this may be a matter of personal preference. Healthy people can generally brush well enough with a manual toothbrush to remove plaque buildup and bacteria from their teeth.

With that said, some recent studies suggest that electric toothbrushes may remove more plaque than manual brushing.

For someone with chronic gum disease, an electric toothbrush could be a worthwhile long-term investment. Similarly, an electric toothbrush may be more effective for people on your list who have arthritis or dexterity issues with their hands.

Keep in mind, we are focusing more on advanced electric toothbrushes. Some of these can cost hundreds of dollars, although you don’t necessarily need to spend that much to get a worthwhile electric toothbrush.

A different kind of electric toothbrush could encourage younger people on your list to brush twice a day. Many of these toothbrushes are priced just slightly higher than manual toothbrushes. They may feature characters from a child’s favorite movie or television show.

Some even have built-in timers that can make it easier for kids (and some adults) to know that they have brushed for the recommended two minutes each time.

This also leads us to our next gift suggestion …


Gift Idea #2: A Timer or Stopwatch

The American Dental Association recommends the “2 by 2” approach to brushing. This means brushing your teeth for two minutes twice per day. That gives anyone plenty of time to clean his or her teeth on all sides.

But many people don’t brush for a full two minutes. This is why a timer or stopwatch that you can keep near with the toothbrushes and toothpaste may be helpful.

(Of course, you could get a stopwatch for many reasons. Timing tooth brushing could be just one of many uses that could make it a worthwhile gift.)

A fun approach to this is a two-minute sand timer or hourglass. You can find these online for little cost. If you do any of your Christmas shopping with online retailers, see if you can add one to your digital cart before you place your order.


Gift Idea #3: A Water Flosser

The ADA also recommends cleaning between your teeth and gums every day. Yet, surveys show that only 4 in 10 American say that they floss daily.

Many people find dental floss difficult or uncomfortable to use, which could explain why fewer than half of all Americans take the time to floss.

If you know someone like this, a water flosser could be an excellent alternative to dental floss. Water flossers use a stream of water to dislodge food particles and plaque buildup between teeth and gums.

As with electric toothbrushes, you can find these in a wide range of prices. On the higher end, they make models that can be installed in a shower. On the lower price range, they make versions that are meant to be more kid-friendly.


Don’t Forget Yourself When Gift Shopping

The goal of all of these gifts is to make it easier for anyone to keep his or her mouth healthy — and that can include you, too.

With that in mind, we want to take a moment to remind you that you still have time to schedule a cleaning and exam for your dental health before the end of the year. Just call (540) 369-4926 or contact us online to request an appointment at our office in Fredericksburg, VA.