‘Treat’ Your Mouth Right This Halloween

We wish you and your family a safe and fun Halloween from everyone at our dentist office in Fredericksburg, VA.

Halloween should be an exciting time for everyone. Lloyd F. Moss Jr., D.D.S., & Lloyd F. Moss III, D.D.S., know that it can be a great time to make family memories.

It’s also important to us that everyone can enjoy Halloween for years and decades to come. That’s means taking care of your teeth on Halloween and far beyond.

Today, we will be offering a few tips to make this holiday a little less scary for your smile. We also hope you will visit us soon for a professional cleaning … and because we would love to see pictures of your family in your costumes.


Halloween Tips

As you might expect, Halloween is a tricky celebration for dentists. We don’t want to spoil the fun of trick-or-treating, but we also don’t want any of our patients to get tooth decay or cavities.

That’s why both our Drs. Moss and the rest of our staff want to pass along some advice from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

◆ Set limits on candy

As you and your children are deciding what to wear for Halloween, talk about what you should do with all the candy. As a parent, you understand that part of the fun of Halloween is collecting a bag or bucket full of candy.

At the same time, you don’t want your kids to overdo it when they get back home with pounds of candy. To help ease your mind and reduce the temptation for your kids, make an agreement that they can keep a certain amount of candy.

Be sure to discuss what your kids could do with the leftover candy, too. Find a place to donate the candy so it will go to someone who will appreciate it. This may make it easier for your kids to give up those extra treats.

◆ Drink water when you eat candy

If you are are going to enjoy a sweet treat, the best time to do that is after a meal. This is a time when your mouth is already producing saliva, which helps to rinse away food particles.

Keep a glass of water nearby whenever you eat candy, too. Drinking water also helps to rinse away sugary particles. When you are finished, rinse your mouth with water, and brush your teeth as soon as you are able.

◆ Watch how much and what candy you eat

We want to be clear about something — how much candy you eat is more important than what kind of candy you eat. That said, some treats are less likely to be harmful to your oral health than others.

Sugar-free gum with xylitol helps non-acidic bacteria, which makes it harder for plaque to develop. Dark chocolate does have sugar, but it also has ingredients that inhibit bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

Milk chocolate, pretzels, and crackers are OK options. They have fewer sugars are are less acidic than the worst options.

And what are the worst options? Sour and chewy candies. Sour candies tend to be more acidic and can damage the protective enamel on your teeth. Chewy candies are more likely to get stuck on your teeth, and they are harder to remove.


Year-Round Oral Health Tips

Halloween comes around once per year, but you have your mouth year-round. To keep your teeth healthy, there are a few things you should do every day.

This starts with brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush twice per day. Be sure to scrub your teeth for at least two minutes and make sure you clean your teeth on all sides.

Clean between your teeth and gums once daily, too. Dental floss or other interdental cleaners can remove food particles from the spaces that your toothbrush can’t reach.

And a couple times every year, you should schedule an appointment at the Moss dental office. Family dentistry is important to every member of our staff, and that starts with preventive care.

Our dental professionals will give you and your children a complete cleaning. We also will examine your teeth to keep an eye out for tooth decay or gum disease. Hopefully, we won’t find anything, but we want to help you get rid of it as soon as well can if we do.


Have Fun, Then Come Visit Us

We want to hear all about the fun you and your kids had on Halloween night. Our dentists also want to make sure our patients in and around Fredericksburg, VA, keep smiling for a long, long time.

If you haven’t already, make an appointment for your family’s next cleaning at our office by calling (540) 369-4926 or filling out our online form.