Veneers for Every Smile’s Preferences

The people of Fredericksburg, VA are an awesome community. We love being a part of this area because everyone is working hard to achieve great things for themselves and their families. One area we focus on, especially, is the smiles of Fredericksburg.

Many in this area have beautiful smiles, and we are proud to have a hand in that, but there are many who could use an improvement. Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes a turn off for patients who don’t want to endure a lot of pain or lost time due to cosmetic procedures. We understand, which is one reason why we recommend cosmetic veneers to patients who are seeking a transformed smile.

You can have a brand new smile without much of the discomfort associated with traditional cosmetic work. We can give you the look you’re seeking in a matter of a couple of appointments! With veneers, almost anything is possible for your smile, so let’s spend some time talking about what is available to you.

Having the Smile You Deserve

Our goal is that our patients would have the smile they never thought they could have. Just because your teeth are in bad shape doesn’t mean there is no hope! Veneers offer solutions for many, many problems. We can even take care of flaws caused by genetics!

Once your smile is transformed, you will feel like a different person. The results speak for themselves. To find out of veneers could be a solution for you, let’s take a look at some of the solutions veneers provide.

Veneer Solutions

Whether due to time or genetics, veneers offer solutions to just about any cosmetic problem you can imagine!

Discolorations – Teeth whitening isn’t always a success. For teeth that need a little bit more help, we recommend beautiful veneers to cover the discoloration and give you back your smile.

Misshapen Teeth – Teeth that are too short, uneven, or those that don’t match can be corrected with veneers! We can cover one or all of your teeth to give you the uniform look you’ve been missing.

Unsightly Teeth – Cracked or chipped teeth often lead to a lot of discomfort. If you don’t feel confident smiling, you need to consider a veneer solution! Veneers cover the damage and give you a brand new smile.

Gaps – Small gaps between teeth draw unwanted attention and are a cause for embarrassment among some patients. We can use veneers to close the gap and give you a perfectly aligned smile!

Choose the Veneer for YOU

As a top dental office in the Fredericksburg area, we offer some of the top dental materials that aren’t available in other offices. We can offer both porcelain and zirconium veneers for your choice! Below, we have explained the differences briefly.

Porcelain – The more traditional choice, porcelain is a very reliable and beautiful material that we have used to craft veneers for many years.

Zirconium – Zirconium is the highest quality veneer on the market. It is milled perfectly with the use of machine so that you get the very best fit and strength from your veneers.

Caring for Your New Smile

Once you have your veneers in place, you won’t want to do anything to put them at risk! Caring for your veneers is very important, especially if you want to get the full life out of your new smile. You can do this by doing two things:

Keep Your Veneers Clean
Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Care for your veneers in the same way that you care for your teeth. Brush at least twice each day and floss once at the end of the day. You should also come see us at least every six months for cleanings and exams.

Keeping your smile clean and healthy will ensure that your veneers stay looking beautiful. It will also ensure that your teeth stay healthy enough to support your veneers! The results? A smile solution that will last for decades to come!

Begin with an Appointment Today!

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