What Will You Do In a Dental Emergency?

You are at the park ready to watch your child’s first practice of the season.

Your kid is on deck for batting practice when a ball is fouled off in that direction. Your child was busy chatting with a teammate and never saw the ball coming.

You child falls over, and you rush to him or her. You can tell before you get there that it’s bad.

Your child is holding his or her cheek. You see blood, and you are trying to get him to open his or her mouth when one of other players hands you a tooth.

What do you do now?

If you live in King George, Stafford, or anywhere else near Fredericksburg, VA, then you call dentists Lloyd Moss, Jr. and Lloyd Moss, III at (540) 369-4926.

Care When You Need It

If you have an emergency, then you want help right away.

You can get help fast by calling our office anytime. If you are calling during our regular hours, we will find a way to fit you in. If you are calling in the evening or on the weekend, we will make every effort to see you that same day.

We understand that dental emergencies are scary, whether it’s happening to you or to someone that you love. You are our priority, and we will do everything we can to fix your problem.

Dealing with Different Emergencies

No matter your emergency, there are ways that we can help. In many cases, we may be able to save your tooth if you get treatment quickly.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you do experience your own dental emergencies.

  • Tooth Knocked Out

This is the example we started with at the opening of our blog. Believe it or not, it may still be possible to replace the tooth in your mouth.

First, of course, you need to find the tooth. If you do, pick it up by gripping the crown (the part of the tooth that you normally see). Try to avoid touching the root. You will need to rinse the tooth to remove any dirt.

While you are using the water, you may want to rinse your mouth to remove any blood. If you are in pain, take an over-the-counter pain reliever. You also may want to hold some ice on the infected area to reduce swelling.

You may be able to place the tooth back where it was. If you can, leave the tooth there until you can meet with us.

If the tooth will not remain in place, then you will need to keep it moist. Do this by placing the tooth in a container of milk. Bring this with you to our office.

  • Broken Tooth

Sometimes blunt force doesn’t knock your tooth completely out. Sometimes it breaks off part of a tooth.

Once again, you need to find the broken pieces if you can. Rinse the pieces and your mouth, if needed. Then place the broken piece or pieces in milk.

When you tooth is chipped, it may have a sharp edge or a point. You don’t want that to accidentally cut or poke the soft tissues of your mouth. To prevent that from happening, you should cover the broken tooth with gauze or a piece of wax.

  • Aching Tooth

For better or worse, many dental problems can exist for a while without causing you any pain.

Your teeth should not cause you pain. Any tooth pain should be taken seriously.

You could have an infected tooth. You may have severe gum disease. You may need a root canal procedure. No matter the problem, it’s not likely to go away on its own.

In this situation, you may want to take a pain reliever, but there is one thing you should not do. You should never hold aspirin on your gums. Aspirin can burn the soft tissues in your mouth, and this will only give you another oral health problem.

Don’t Let Your Problem Get Worse

Dental emergencies can happen at anytime. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. Dental emergencies can happen anywhere.

Hopefully, none of them will happen to you or any member of your family. But if they do, then remember to call our dentists, Lloyd Moss, Jr. and Lloyd Moss, III, for help if you live in King George, Stafford, or Fredericksburg, VA.

If you are having an emergency, call (540) 369-4926. If you need preventive care, make an appointment with our online form.