Your Kids Will Love to Brush, and So Will You!

Hi, everyone. It’s great to see you back here at the blog from the office of Lloyd F. Moss, Jr., DDS & Lloyd F. Moss, III, DDS. If you are reading this blog, you probably share our belief that oral health is the foundation of all health. Very few things affect your health more than what you put in your body, for good or for bad. And the health of your teeth and gums is a major factor in determining what type of foods you will eat. So anyone who is concerned with protecting their own health, and that of their family, will start by taking care of their teeth.

Establishing healthy habits for your children at an early age is one of the chief responsibilities of a parent. You teach your kids to covert their mouths when they sneeze, to wash their hands before dinner, and to brush and floss their teeth twice a day. But getting them to see these activities as something other than a chore is important if you want them to continue their healthy habits into adulthood.

The key to getting your kids to look at oral hygiene as anything other than something they have to do just because you said so is to make it a fun event. If they learn to associate healthy habits with a good time, then they will be more likely to keep these habits up when they are on their own.

Here are some ideas on how to make brushing more fun for your kids and yourself:

Use Music – Nothing can turn the mundane into the extraordinary like a good song. Children tend to respond well to music, so why not use that to your advantage when it come time to brush. Play a song that they love and they’ll have those brushes moving in no time. Use the beat of the song to get a good brushing rhythm going. And when the song is over, it’s time to rinse. This way you know your kids are always brushing long enough.

Combine Storytime with Brushing Time – This presents a wonderful opportunity to combine two healthy foundations, an appreciation for oral hygiene and a love of reading. There’s a good chance that you are going to read to your kids at night anyway, and they have to brush their teeth, so why not combine the two activities. This will give you the opportunity to monitor how long and how well they are brushing without standing over their shoulder.

For small kids, you can read short books or silly poems. For the older ones, you might read a chapter from a longer work, and then continue it over the course of a few days. You might even have your kids coming to you begging to brush because they know that is the only way they will get to the next chapter of their story.

Play Simon Says – This method is particularly useful because it makes brushing into a fun game your children are familiar with, but it also gives you the chance to instruct them on proper brushing technique. Just remember to say Simon Says.

Brush Along With Them – No matter what technique you decide to try, it will be more effective if you do it with them. When your kids see you having fun brushing, they will want to do it, too. Not only will this making brushing fun for the kids, it will be fun for you, too.

Don’t Forget Your Checkups

Regular cleaning and examinations are an important part of healthy oral hygiene, as well. So, make sure to get your kids into our office in Fredericksburg soon and often.

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