I’m Embarrassed to Smile

Improve Your Smile in Fredericksburg, VA

Do you smile with your mouth closed in pictures? Do you turn away or cover your mouth when you laugh? Are you afraid to eat in front of others? Being embarrassed to smile can take away what should be some of life’s happiest moments. If you are ready to take action to improve your smile, we have cosmetic and restorative solutions for common problems!

“My teeth are stained or yellow.”

“Some of my teeth are different sizes.”

  • Tooth Recontouring
  • Porcelain Veneers

“I have a gummy smile.”

  • Laser Gum Reshaping

“There are gaps between my teeth, and my smile is crooked.”

“I have missing teeth and hate the way I look.”

“My dentures slide around or come out when I talk or eat.”

  • Implant-Retained Dentures
  • New Removable Dentures

“I have so many issues, I do not know where to start.”

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your specific concerns, we have the skills and technology to give you a smile you will be proud to show off. Visit our appointment page or call (540) 373-2080 for a consultation. You will be smiling with confidence very soon!