Dental Cleanings & Exams

Lloyd F. Moss, Jr., DDS & Lloyd F. Moss, III, DDS

Dental Cleanings and Dental Exam in Fredericksburg, VA

How often should I see the dentist for a cleaning and exam?

For optimum oral health, in addition to good dental hygiene at home, the American Dental Association recommends that you have a professional dental cleaning and exam at least twice per year. Your dentist may advise more frequent visits, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums.

Why is it important to get a professional dental cleaning and exam?

Even with excellent brushing and flossing at home, there are areas of your mouth you cannot see and your toothbrush cannot reach. Although it is possible to remove most of the sticky plaque and bacteria with brushing, tartar buildup can only be removed by professional tools and techniques. It is also an opportunity for your dentist and hygienist to examine your mouth for tooth decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer. Early detection of any oral problems leads to a better outcome.

What can I expect at a dental cleaning and exam?

First, your dentist or hygienist will scrape the buildup of tartar (hardened plaque) off of your teeth. They will floss between your teeth and then polish and smooth your teeth with a special tool. (Smooth teeth are resistant to bacteria found in plaque.) They may apply fluoride or a sealant to your teeth to prevent tooth decay. Dental cleaning is not usually painful. During your regular checkup, your dentist will have the opportunity to examine your mouth for any problems that need to be addressed. He may take x-rays to get a better picture of your teeth. If your dentist sees dental issues, he may advise you about your oral hygiene at home and recommend a treatment at his office.

Should I get dental cleanings and exams while I am pregnant?

Yes. It is important to let your dentist know you are pregnant, but dental exam and cleaning are not only safe, they are recommended for pregnant women. Changing hormone levels can put pregnant women at risk for gingivitis and mouth sores. Gum disease can put you at risk for having a premature or low birth weight baby. Your dentist may even suggest you have more frequent cleanings during your second and third trimester.

Dental cleanings and exams are vital to good oral health. Not only do visits to your dentist prevent tooth decay and gum disease, they make your smile look and feel great. Schedule an appointment at our Fredericksburg, VA dental office today by using our online form or by calling us at (540) 373-2080. Keep your smile healthy and bright!