Same-Day Smile

Lloyd F. Moss, Jr., DDS & Lloyd F. Moss, III, DDS

Same-Day Smile in Fredericksburg, VA

Dental implant technology has revolutionized dentistry, especially when it comes to replacing teeth. In some situations, it is recommended that the implants are integrated into the jawbone for several months before restorations can be placed. But now, some patients are good candidates for “immediate-load” implants, which are designed to anchor replacement teeth immediately after placement. That’s right! Implants and implant-retained dentures can be placed in same day dental or one clinical visit!

With the use of precise 3D scanning technology and the expertise of our dentists, we can have a thorough consultation and get all of the images and specifics to fit you with your replacement teeth ahead of time. Your implants and replacement teeth or implant-retained dentures will be custom made and ready to place when you come for your appointment.

When you come back, we will place the dental implants and immediately replace your teeth permanently in one day by our dentist on the same day! You will walk out of our Fredericksburg, VA office with a brand new smile!

Take the first step toward permanent replacement teeth and a smile you can be confident about. Call our Fredericksburg, VA office for Same-Day Smile at (540) 373-2080 or visit our appointment page to schedule a consultation.