Get Straighter Teeth Without the Wait!

Lloyd F. Moss Jr., DDS, FAGD & Lloyd F. Moss III, DDS

Short-term Orthodontics in Fredericksburg, VA

Are you embarrassed when you smile because of your crooked or gapped teeth? If you want straighter teeth, getting traditional braces is not your only option. Dr. Moss offers two types of short-term orthodontics treatments: Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles®. During your consultation, he will determine whether your specific alignment issues can be remedied by either orthodontic technique.


One popular way for adults and teens to straighten their teeth is Invisalign or the invisible braces. And because it is invisible, no one will even notice you are straightening your teeth! Invisalign uses a series of removable clear aligners to improve alignment without metal braces, and the results are impressive. Each aligner will gently move your teeth closer to their correct positions. You will wear each aligner for about two weeks. The duration of Invisalign treatment will depend on how much correction is needed. The average length of treatment for adults is about one year. Treatment time is usually longer for teens. Since each case is unique, the cost and length of treatment will vary from patient to patient.

Six Month Smiles®

Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires make Six Month Smiles another attractive alternative to traditional metal braces, while being just as effective. They exert low forces on the teeth that show when you smile, gradually aligning them with very little discomfort. As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles typical duration of treatment is about six months. This orthodontic treatment works faster and is usually more affordable than other braces or Invisalign.

If you live in the Fredericksburg, VA area and are considering improving your smile with short-term orthodontics options that is Invisalign and Six Month Smiles, get in touch with us today! Visit our appointment page or call (540) 373-2080.