Stained Teeth? Get a Brighter Smile!

Lloyd F. Moss Jr., DDS, FAGD & Lloyd F. Moss III, DDS

Professional Teeth Whitening in Fredericksburg, VA

We have many cosmetic dentistry options to improve the look of your teeth. The easiest and most affordable way to give your smile a boost is through professional teeth whitening or dental bleaching. Dr. Moss offers in-office and professional take-home whitening kits.

Do you have yellowing or stained teeth? You may have already tried whitening kits from the drug store and found that they have disappointing results and make your teeth and gums extremely sensitive. Professional teeth whitening is better. We assess the condition of your teeth, discuss how much whitening you need, and recommend the best course of action.

Opalescence Whitening System

Our office at Fredericksburg, VA uses the Opalescence whitening system. We create customized trays to fit your teeth perfectly. Then you are given the correct concentration of whitening gel to deliver the brilliant results you’re looking for – without harming your teeth and gums. Opalescence is offered in different concentrations for daytime and nighttime whitening. It even comes in different flavors!

The benefits of in-office versus at-home professional whitening will be determined at your consultation with Dr. Moss. The length of treatment will depend on the condition of your teeth and gums and the level of discoloration of your teeth.

Why wait? Get a brighter smile today. Just visit our Fredericksburg, VA office to make appointment or call (540) 373-2080 for a professional teeth whitening consultation.