Tooth Extractions

Lloyd F. Moss, Jr., DDS & Lloyd F. Moss, III, DDS

Tooth Removal or Dental Extractions in Fredericksburg, VA

Though every effort is made to help you keep your natural teeth, some situations necessitate tooth removal. We regularly perform dental extractions and provide excellent tooth replacement options.

Common reasons for extracting a tooth:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Damage from trauma
  • Crowded mouth
  • Infection
  • Gum disease

What to Expect

With simple extractions, all we need to do is numb the area and pull the tooth out. If a back tooth or an impacted tooth needs to be removed, a stronger anesthetic or sedation is used to prevent discomfort during the extraction.

After Tooth Extraction

Following dental tooth extraction, a blood clot will form where the tooth was, and we may close the gums with a few stitches. It is important to follow the after-care instructions carefully to make sure you heal properly and to avoid complications such as dry socket.

Tooth Replacement

Unless your tooth was removed prior to orthodontic treatment, to alleviate crowding, it is highly recommended that you replace the tooth or teeth that we removed. Missing teeth not only make it difficult to chew or embarrassing to smile, they can affect the positions of your remaining teeth and the bone structure of your jaw. Dental implants can be used to replace tooth roots, then restored with a crown that matches your other teeth. If you have several or all of your teeth removed, we offer implant-supported bridges and implant-retained dentures. We are implant specialists. You can trust us to replace your missing teeth and allow you to chew and smile with confidence again!

If you have some problem teeth, let us examine your mouth and help you find solutions. When tooth removal is necessary, our methods are skilled and gentle. You have nothing to fear. We will make you comfortable throughout the procedure and advise you about how to care for your mouth and replace your teeth. Call our Fredericksburg, VA dental office to set up an appointment at (540) 373-2080, or use our online form. You do not have to suffer with painful teeth!